Householder planning applications

Application form

You can apply online through the national Planning Portal website.

Planning Portal – applications

You can also download application forms from the Planning Portal.

Choosing the right form

When choosing the form, select "Householder planning permission" from the drop-down box.

Contact us if you feel you may need Conservation Area Consent or Listed Building Consent – go to request a service: planning permission.

Completing the form

You should complete every question within the form. If a question doesn't seem relevant to your proposal, enter "N/A" – not applicable – on the form.

Go to our application form sections page for guidance on what information to provide.

Plans and documents are uploaded as attachments to the application when you apply online, which makes the process much simpler. If you send us a printed application, you must include one copy of the completed application form and a copy of all the supporting plans and documents.


A checklist is included to help you submit a valid application. You do not need to complete it.

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