Local area coordinators - help in the community

Examples of help offered

Local area coordinators can help people find ways to make a better life.

They can help people to:

  • join local groups and meet local people
  • sort out debt and money problems
  • get the benefits to which they're entitled
  • access volunteering or adult education opportunities
  • attend health appointments and take part in health programmes
  • find ways of improving their housing conditions
  • improve fire safety in their home
  • report matters to the police

They can connect with local shops, pubs, caf├ęs and faith groups for help with:

  • shopping
  • collecting pensions
  • companionship
  • gardening
  • computers
  • transport

Local area coordinators have helped communities by:

  • working with a local mobile phone provider and a volunteers to recycle mobile phones so people can stay in touch and make appointments
  • making sure unwanted furniture is recycled to people who need it, rather than being stored and destroyed
  • finding new ways they can support the needs of local people, such as language translation or providing meals