Local land charges

How long it takes to complete a search

The number of working days we need to complete a search depends on the type of search requested. Working days are Monday to Friday, not including bank holidays.

The table below shows how long you should allow for different types of search.

Search type Working days
Full residential search Up to 15 working days normally, although we may take longer if we get lots of requests in a single 15 working-day period.
Expedited search Up to 2 working days – this is a faster service for full residential searches only, with special terms and conditions listed below.
Commercial search Up to 30 working days if the search covers a large area of land or includes a large number of additional properties.
Personal search Up to 20 working days.

You can request any of the above types of search on our local land charges search page. You should check our current fees and charges before requesting a search.

Expedited searches

We provide an optional 'expedited' search as a faster service for those who are under pressure to sell and buy property.

The terms and conditions of our expedited search service are:

  • expedited searches only apply to residential full searches
  • requests will only be dealt with on working days – Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays
  • your request must be received between 8:30am and 4pm for it to be processed on the same day, otherwise it will be processed the next working day
  • you must state you require an expedited search when you submit the request, otherwise your search will be dealt with in the standard time for a full residential search
  • searches with additional CON29O questions cannot be expedited
  • if we are unable to return your search results within 2 working days, we will refund your additional fee and will only charge you the standard rate – check our current fees and charges

To request an expedited search, you should email our team via the local land charges search page, putting 'Expedited search' as the email subject line.