Local land charges

Fees and charges

Fees and charges apply. VAT is charged on CON29 and expedited search fees, and is included in the amounts below.

Item Fee
LLC1 only £44
CON29R search, residential – electronic £154
CON29R search, commercial – electronic £210
CON29O – per question £40
Expedited search, residential – 2-day service £277.20
Residential – additional parcel £41
Commercial – additional parcel £53
Personal search request and viewing of information Free
Personal search – extra road £2
Personal search – additional parcel £9

Guidance on what is meant by an 'additional parcel' of land can be found on page 2 of the LLC1 form.

Fees for applications that are cancelled

The cost of registering an application is usually covered by the application fee. When an application is registered but later cancelled by you, we make a charge to cover our costs. This charge is taken from the application fee, and the rest of the fee is returned to you.

Cancellation type Fee
Cancellation of a personal search £5
Cancellation of a full search £27.50

Copy documents

We can provide copies of all documents found in the local land charges register, including any planning decision notices.

Local Land Charges copy documents fees
Item Charge
Copy of tree preservation order Free
Copy of legal agreements Free
Copy of enforcement notices Free
Copy of home improvement grants (HIGs) Free
Copy of Anglian Water agreement (AWA) Free
Copy of planning decision notices Free
Copy of building regulation decision notices £15
Copy of building regulation completion notices £15
Copy of smoke control orders Free
Copy of planning history   Free