Mayor of Thurrock

What it means to be Mayor

The office of Mayor – called the 'mayoralty' – has a well-known and historic role in communities. Although the power of Mayors in England has reduced over the centuries, they are still central to modern councils. The mayoralty continues a long tradition and remains important in modern life.

We think of the Mayor as having 3 main roles.

A symbol of Thurrock

The Mayor is a symbol of both Thurrock Council and the borough of Thurrock. The symbolic marks of office are the Mayor's mace, robes and chains of office.

The Mayor:

  • connects the present day with our history
  • acts as a symbol of continuity

A symbol of our open society

A modern role for the Mayor's office is as a symbol of our open society.

Before the 20th century, the choice of who could become Mayor was limited. Today, however, the Mayor – our 'first citizen' – can, and does, come from any class, gender or ethnic background.

This diversity reflects the more open and democratic society we live in.

A show of our togetherness

The Mayor can act as a link between individual, groups and organisations.

By attending many events – whether formal or social – across the borough, the Mayor gives visible support for bringing people together. The Mayor also:

  • takes the council's ideas and messages out to the community
  • listens to the views and concerns of people, and shares them with the council
  • helps to achieve the council's social, community, educational and economic aims