Our support for children in care

Getting help if things go wrong

Being looked after is not always easy. Many people – social workers, managers, residential staff, teachers and foster carers – become involved with you. Even with so many people trying to help, sometimes things go wrong.

The kind of things that go wrong might include you:

  • not seeing enough of your family or friends
  • not being told why decisions have been made
  • not being listened to or involved in decisions
  • not being told what your rights are
  • being mistreated or bullied
  • not being given copies of important papers and information at the right time

If things go wrong for you, please ask for help!

How to get help

You can get help with any problems you have by talking to your:

  • parents or guardian
  • social worker
  • foster carer or key worker
  • teacher
  • advocate

Making a complaint

If you do not want to approach any of these people, you can speak a complaints officer at the council. They listen to your problems and suggest how you might try and sort them out.

Our complaints procedure has 3 stages.

Others who can help

If you're not happy with the outcome of your complaint, you can contact the following: