Paying for your care needs

How to pay

The amount you are charged will be based on what you can reasonably afford to pay, not on how many services you receive. Our charging policy covers all adult social care services we provide.

Ways you can pay

If you choose to take a Direct Payment and are financially assessed to be charged, an amount will be taken before your direct payment is given to you.

In other cases we will send you your bill on a 4-weekly basis. You will have 28 days to make your payment from the date of each bill. Payment of these 4-weekly invoices can be made either:

  • online
  • via a 24-hour phone line
  • via a bank standing order
  • by bank payment
  • by post

Full payment details are shown on the back of each invoice.

Contact us

If you have questions about what you must pay, you can contact our Financial Assessment team. The team is only able to answer questions about finances, not about the care you receive.

Adult Social Care – Financial Assessment team

: 01375 652 681

If you are finding it difficult to afford your charges – for example, if there are exceptional circumstances which mean you are unable to pay – you can contact our Customer Finance team.

Adult Social Care – Customer Finance team

: 01375 652 678