Support after adoption

Adopters and special guardians

We continue to support many families who return to us after adoption. Our team offers a sympathetic ear to adoptive parents and special guardians.

Support groups and activities

We run regular post-approval and post-adoption support groups. These are a chance for prospective adopters and adoptive parents to meet and socialise in a relaxed atmosphere, whilst increasing skills and knowledge of adoption.

We also have annual adoption summer picnics and Christmas parties for both children and adults to enjoy.

We actively support letterbox exchanges between adoptive and birth families to stay in touch by receiving and sending out correspondence between the 2 parties. We also give guidance on letter writing, making sure confidentiality is always maintained.

Get involved

You can get involved by joining a:

  • post-adoption family day – arranged throughout the year
  • post-adoption group – meetings take place on the last Wednesday of every month
  • special guardianship carers group – meetings take place monthly

Contact our Adoption Support Services Adviser (ASSA) if you are interested in attending any of the above and would like to find out more.

Adoption Support Services Adviser (ASSA)

: 07971 690 844 or 07834 770 196