Transport map

Transport map information

You can use our public transport map online to check the bus routes around the borough, as well as the locations of railway stations and the Tilbury-Gravesend ferry.

We make every effort to keep this map up-to-date, but it will not show temporary changes such as diversions for roadworks on bus routes.

Public transport map

How to use the public transport map

When the map first opens you will see an outline of the whole borough. A grey bar at the top of the screen shows ' – public transport map' on the left, and has 4 symbols on the right. These symbols control the information you can show on the map, as described below.

Finding a street and zooming in

In the top-left corner of the map there is a search box you can use to find an individual property, street, or postcode area in Thurrock. We've created a 'bookmark' list of all the railway stations in the borough, plus some of our major centres, which you can zoom-in to by selecting the bookmark symbol beneath the search box and clicking the location you wish to find from the list that's displayed.

Use the [+] and [–] controls to zoom in and out of the map. Beneath the zoom controls is a button with a picture of a house, which zooms back to the original full outline of the whole borough. The button below has a picture of a circle and can be used to zoom-in on your current location, if you give it permission.

Display public transport information

The symbols in the top-right corner of the grey bar can be used to overlay public transport information on the map. They are as follows.

Symbol How it works

Bus stops within 5 minutes' walk – this symbol opens a box where you can enter an address and ask to be shown all bus stops within up to 400 metres, which is about 5 minutes' walk.

You can also search for nearby bus stops by clicking a location on the map.

Layer list – use this symbol to show a list of the information you can choose to overlay on the map. Items in the list are shown as a small box with a layer name next to it.

If you click the layer name you will see information below it that shows what will appear on the map. You can show or remove a layer by clicking on the small box to add or remove its tick.

Key to active layers – use this symbol to show a list of the layers currently overlaid on the map. The only layers displayed when you first open the map is the outline around the boundary of Thurrock. You can use the 'Layer list' symbol (above) to add or remove other layers of information.

Print – use this symbol for options to take a snapshot view of the map with any layers you've selected and save it as a file on your computer or device, from where you can later print it on paper if you wish.

The simplest options are 'A4 Landscape' print size layout and 'PDF' file type, but you can also choose other layouts and graphic file formats. After you've selected a format and clicked the 'Print' button, you can open the file you've created by clicking on the file name that will be displayed.

About this map – use this symbol for links that can take you to back this web page and to other public rights of way pages.

Planning your journey

For advice on using maps, timetables and websites to plan your journey, go to planning your journey.