Work that needs planning permission

Prior notification applications

Before extending your home with a larger extension or changing a commercial property, you must apply to us to determine whether prior approval will be required.

Your application must include a plan showing the location of your property and the position of the proposed extension. We may also require you to submit additional drawings or elevations to show the extension in more detail in order to determine the application.

There is a planning fee for this type of application.

Prior notification planning application

Before commencing your project you should check whether you need to make an application for building regulations.

Prior notification procedure

We have to notify any adjoining properties and allow neighbours 21 days in which to comment on the proposed extension. If a neighbouring resident objects to the proposed extension, we are required to consider the impact on any adjoining premises.

The extension is not permitted until either:

  • you have received a written notice from us confirming that prior approval is not required
  • you have received a written notice from us granting prior approval
  • a period of 42┬ádays has passed since your application was made valid and you have not received a written notice from us granting approval or confirming that prior approval is not needed

If an adjoining neighbour has objected to the proposed extension and the extension would be harmful to the amenity of a neighbouring property, our approval will not be granted and the extension will not be permitted.

Not all properties benefit from permitted development rights. Development rights may have been removed for your property. You must check whether permitted development rights exist for your property before considering extending your home without making a full planning application.