Yellow and red lines

How we introduce waiting restrictions

A traffic regulation order needs to be made to introduce waiting restrictions. This is done using powers under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. We consult with interested parties, and post public notices on site, on the web and in the local newspaper.

Objections are considered carefully before a final decision is made on whether to go ahead with the traffic regulation order. If approved, signs and markings will be put in place on a date when the traffic regulation order comes into force.

We receive many requests for parking and other restrictions throughout the year. Criteria are applied when assessing new requests. The most urgent cases are decided by a range of factors such as accident rates, traffic flows, vehicle speeds and obstruction. If sites meet with our criteria they are approved for implementation.

A programme of approved sites is prepared each year. Where possible these are grouped together to cut the cost of advertising the legal notices. Traffic regulation orders can take between 4 to 5 months to implement because of the necessary legal process.

We have enforced waiting restrictions since the 1 April 2005. Go to the Parking Enforcement page for further information.