Parking enforcement


We enforce restrictions on where you can park a vehicle, load a vehicle and wait in a vehicle around Thurrock. Signs are in place on streets and other areas where restrictions apply.

The main reasons for parking enforcement are to:

  • encourage sensible and legal parking
  • reduce traffic congestion on our roads
  • allow buses and service vehicles to operate more effectively
  • make our roads safer
  • support town centres by encouraging those who park all day, such as commuters, to use of long-stay car parks rather than short-stay spaces
  • help Blue Badge holders by enforcing disabled parking spaces
  • discourage drivers from parking in front of dropped kerbs
  • control where heavy vehicles can park
  • improve the general environment

You can report to us on-going problems that need parking enforcement.

Our Civil Enforcement Officers – previously known as parking attendants – enforce restrictions for on-street parking and pay-and-display car parks.

Penalty charge notices

Penalty charge notices (PCNs) – also called 'parking fines' – are issued when a motorist parks or drives a vehicle in a way that breaks restrictions. For more information, go to:

External auditing

We are a member of the Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London (PATROL) Adjudication Joint Committee.