Case study - Nina Hicks

In the video below, Nina Hicks talks about her experiences as a Town Planning apprentice.

Nina says:

"I originally worked in retail for all of my life and I was being made redundant so I had to look for alternative employment. I decided that while I was doing that I would look for a different career path – something I could re-train in and hopefully have better career prospects than I had previously.

"I came across the advert while online looking for job opportunities and I went to an apprenticeship recruitment day and got my apprenticeship in Town Planning. I've been an apprentice since September.

"My apprenticeship involves one day of college a week and also a college assessor coming in to assess me in the workplace. I'm enjoying working in an office environment because I hadn't actually done that before. It's quite relaxed, it is enjoyable and it's good to meet different people.

"I think apprenticeships are a good career path for anybody of any age because they give you that practical work experience, as well as a giving you a qualification."