Becoming an adoptive parent

People who can adopt

Everyone over the age of 21 from all sections of the community can adopt. There is no formal upper age limit.

People from all kinds of backgrounds and variety of life experiences who can fulfil the needs of the children needing to be adopted are welcomed.

You don’t necessarily have to live directly in the Thurrock area. We have had children adopted throughout the UK.

As a prospective adopter, you:

  • must be permanently resident in the UK
  • must either live in Thurrock or live near enough for us to be able to visit and support you
  • must agree to certain checks, including the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  • would not be allowed to adopt a child under 5 years-old, or any child with breathing and developmental difficulties, if anyone in your household smokes
  • would be recommended to take a recovery period of at least 6 months if you have just had a major loss or change in your life
  • should have some experience of children, or be willing to get some
  • will need to be complete any infertility treatment you may be having, including a recovery period of at least 6 months
  • are recommended to allow a 2 year gap between an existing child and a new child coming into the family