Becoming a councillor

How to become a councillor

When you decide you want to be a councillor, you need to put yourself forward as a candidate either to:

  • represent a political party
  • stand as an independent person

Candidates who represent political parties

If you want to represent a party, you need to let them know and get involved with their work as soon as possible. They will help you find out:

  • more about the role
  • what support they will give you
  • who you will be working with
  • how to win elections

Your political party will decide whether to select you as a candidate.

Independent candidates

If you are an independent candidate you should start building your profile so people know who you are. You should also:

  • work out your position on issues such as crime, traffic, the environment and schools
  • understand how your own opinion is different from political parties
  • prepare to be challenged on your opinions

Go to the Local Government Association Independent Group web pages for more information on independent candidates.

How we help candidates

We provide information and briefings for people who want to stand as a candidates. This information includes:

  • filling in the forms
  • election timetables
  • expenses
  • important contact details

We only provide this support when we announce an election.

Find information about future elections.

For more information on becoming a councillor, go to the Local Government Association's Be a councillor web pages.