Becoming a councillor

How to become a councillor

When you decide you want to be a councillor, you need to put yourself forward as a candidate.

You can put yourself forward either to:

  • represent a political party
  • stand as an independent person

Candidates who represent political parties

If you want to represent a party, you need to let them know and get involved with their work as soon as possible. They will help you find out:

  • more about the role
  • what support they will give you
  • who you will be working with
  • how to win elections

Your political party will decide whether to select you as a candidate.

Independent candidates

If you are an independent candidate you should start building your profile so people know who you are. You should also:

  • work out your position on issues such as crime, traffic, the environment and schools
  • understand how your own opinion is different from political parties
  • prepare to be challenged on your opinions

For more information, go to the Local Government Association: Independent group.

How we help candidates

We provide information and briefings for people who want to stand as a candidates. This includes:

  • filling in the forms
  • election timetables
  • expenses
  • important contact details

We only provide this support when we formally announce an election. Go to election dates.

More information

Go to our pages on:

For more information on becoming a councillor, go to the Local Government Association: new councillor hub.