Becoming a councillor

Standing as a candidate

You can stand either as a candidate representing a political party or as an independent person.

Most candidates represent a political party. This allows them to:

  • use the party description
  • use the party logo
  • canvass for the party

To qualify to stand

Election qualification can be different for each types of election.

To qualify to stand for elections in Thurrock, you must be:

  • 18 years old on the day you were nominated
  • a British, Republic of Ireland, European Union or Commonwealth citizen

You must also either:

  • be registered to vote in Thurrock
  • have lived as a land owner, tenant or other ground and building owner in the council area for 12 months before the nomination and election days
  • have had your main or only place of work in the council area for 12 months before the election day
  • have lived in the council area for 12 months, whether registered to vote or not

You need to fill in a consent to nomination form to declare you are qualified to stand. Find out more about the nomination process.

If you’re not sure if you qualify, you will need to get independent legal advice.

Disqualifications from standing in an election

Some people are disqualified from being elected to a local authority. Disqualifications include:

  • working for the council
  • being the holder of a politically restricted post
  • bankruptcy restrictions or interim order

We can’t advise you on your eligibility to stand, except to tell you about the disqualifications.

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