Bus fares

Bus fares in Thurrock

Bus fare information is provided by the companies that operate bus routes in Thurrock.

Discounted fares are available on some routes for children and families.

Ensignbus fares

You can find details of Ensignbus fares on the Ensignbus website. Scroll down the page to select the bus route you need, then select the 'Fares' chart linked from the bus route page.

Other bus fares

Bus routes 347, 370 and 372 are Transport for London services. These are cash free buses, which means you can't use cash to pay for your bus fare. Pay as you go with contactless or Oyster cards for £1.50.

You can download details of fares on other bus routes, below.

Proof of age for young people

If you are aged between 11 and 16 years-old, you can apply to Essex County Council for a BITE Card.

A BITE Card can help you prove your age when you board local buses.

Bus drivers should recognise your card on any route across Essex and into Thurrock or Southend. They may not accept the BITE card as proof of age on routes only in Thurrock, although Ensignbus encourages its drivers to do so.

Your BITE Card can be used as a library card in Thurrock, and can also help with child fares or age-limited films.

Cards cost £5 for young people living in Thurrock.

Call the number below to ask for an application form. You cannot apply online.

Essex County Council BITE Card applications

: 0845 743 0430