Community grants and funding

Community Environmental Development Fund

The Community Environmental Development Fund (CEDF) supports communities and makes a real difference to the quality of life of people living in Thurrock.

The fund provides capital grants to support projects that either:

  • renew, improve or create a community asset that helps to develop resilient and connected communities
  • transform a community asset so it supports the longer-term sustainability of a local organisation or initiative that is Thurrock-based and Thurrock-focused
  • directly benefit local communities, specifically improving the lives of children, young people, older people and vulnerable communities through community-led activities and solutions that are accessible to all

When we talk about a community asset we mean land, buildings or equipment used for the well-being or social interest of the local community. Examples of community assets that have been supported by the programme in the past include village halls, parks, community centres and leisure facilities.

The closing date for applications to the 2022 fund was Sunday 18 September 2022.

Contact us by email if you would like to register your interest and be notified when the fund next opens.

Community Environmental Development Fund


Previous successful bids

The tables below show applicants that were successful with their bids in previous years.

Successful bids 2021/22

Organisation Grant Purpose
Thurrock Harriers Athletics Club £36,476 Replacement of floodlight towers with new bulbs and mechanisms that are eco-friendly.
East Thurrock Community Association £25,787 Toilet refurbishment including the addition of disabled toilet facilities.
Gardner Hall £20,318 Insulation of hall roof and replacement of heaters with and energy-efficient system for heating and cooling.
Thurrock Martial Academy (TMA) £5,321 Installation of interactive sensory wall panels for early years children and children with special educational needs.
Ockendon 1st Scout Group £5,034 Replacement of a garage door to increase safety and protect assets and equipment.
Hillside Scouts £9,720 Replacement of a fire exit door and escape route for access by people with mobility difficulties or wheelchair users, also improving the security of a storage area.
Aveley Village Community Foundation £25,000 Replacement of an old minibus with a new 12-17 seat vehicle that is compliant with ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) requirements.
Treasure Children Forever £25,788 Building a new reception area, a parent consultation space and 2 sensory areas at pre-school site.
Impulse Leisure £25,000 Refurbishment of poolside changing area facilities and toilets.
Mr Mayes £3,056 Installation of memorial benches in an open area.
Chadwell Community Forum £69,000 Development of an accessible play area in a fenced location at Chadwell and Orsett Heath.

Successful bids 2020/21

Organisation Grant Purpose
Corringham Village Hall £11,700 Completion of roofing repairs at Corringham Village Hall.
Bulphan Village Hall CIO £1,000 Restoration and replacement of surface at Bulphan Village Hall Car Park
Thurrock Christian Fellowship £19,358 To enlarge and extend the existing Foodbank warehouse space in Corringham a two floors with additional community space..
South Ockendon Village Hall Committee £17,485 Renovation of village hall including refit of bathrooms, repairs to main hall and overhaul of external fascia.
East Thurrock Community Association £42,686 Installation of energy efficiency measures, repairs to roof and installation of outdoor shelter
St Stephen's Trust £2,907 General repairs and purchase of various items for St. Stephen's Church including furniture and appliances
Thurrock and Brentwood Mind £44,507 To erect a conservatory on the rear of 152 Bridge Road and create a waiting room.
Cherrywood Scouts £10,250 Various improvements, maintenance to site and refurbishment of toilet blocks and installation of pedestrian gate.
Thurrock Play Network £21,200 Various improvements to building exterior including through replacement of pathways, installation of dropped kerb and roof repairs for storage containers
TAF – replacement laptops for Community Forums £5,500 Purchase of replacement laptops to support future engagement with residents during and after COVID-19 restrictions
Friends of Dilkes Park £882 Refurbishment of the existing pond within Dilkes Park. Pond Clearance, shrub pruning, replacement/repair of the wooden platforms, new interpretation signage and a picnic table.
Chadwell St Mary Scouts £34,000 Refurbishment of toilets and kitchen, removal and replacement of heating system, installation of an accessible toilet and baby changing
AVCF Community Improvement Plan 1 £2,652 Purchase of indoor/outdoor cinema and PA system, jukebox and additional appliances.
Friends of Grays Town Park £60,000 To revive the landscaped garden in Grays Town Park, along the East side/Bridge Road entrance – improving steep pathway and re-landscaping the garden and transforming the disused shelter into Grays Town Park Café.

Successful bids 2019/20

Organisation Grant Purpose
Thurrock Martial Academy £7,100 Equipment to support children's sports and gym activity, improving access to physical activity.
Corringham and Fobbing Community Forum £5,500 Planters and bench to support a community planting scheme.
The Tilbury Band £4,000 Improved security at the Band Hall, Tilbury.
Brandon Groves Roofing Project £900 Roof repairs to ensure the community hall continues to be used locally.
Hillside Scouts £7,940 Improved security including new fire safety measures.
Purfleet on Thames Community Forum £3,176 Portable projector, screen, PA system and flood lighting to enable the outside showing of films.
Lightship Cafe £2,465.52 Replace worn out planters to enhance the local environment.
Frost Estate Community Association. £56,684.88 Towards a third phase of road repairs for a safer environment, and to increase community spirit and well-being among residents who work together on the project.
Thurrock Play Network £50,889 Internal improvements to improve the floor space to deliver more wellbeing activities.
Brandon Groves £14,000 New heating and air conditioning for the hall used by the community.
Thurrock Harriers £8,400 Remarking of 8-lane running track at Thurrock Harriers.
Stanford Scouts £11,942 Replacement of flooring to improve safety for all users.
East Thurrock Community Association £40,000 Improvements to efficiency and energy efficiency including double glazing, replaced lighting with LED, installing a gas boiler and rendering.
Blackshots Greens Liaison Group £27,000 Replacement of south bowling green at Blackshots to increase opportunities for participation.
St Michael's Church £13,700 Improved community space to support an increase in activities to benefit the wider community.

Successful bids 2018/19

Organisation Grant Purpose
Thames Rugby Football Club £44,855 Towards a new self-supporting roof to meet regulations and to make the facility more aesthetically pleasing, encouraging greater use.
Frost Estate Community Association £75,762.48 Towards phase two repair of roads to ensure a safer environment and increased community spirit and well-being amongst residents by working together to achieve this project.
Corringham 1st Scout Group £150,000 Demolition of the existing scout hall which is beyond repair and pursuit of a new scout hall to support existing activity as well as enabling wider use of the asset by other community groups.
Thurrock Christian Fellowship – Treasure Children Forever £20,000 Demolition of dilapidated garages to enable a safe educational garden to be installed to benefit children using the nursery and the wider community.
Friends of Hardie Park £14,000 Towards the installation of a new 'mega slide' at Hardie Park, encouraging outside play.
Thurrock Mind £40,000 Towards the development of new dwellings to support adults with mental health needs to live independently.
Stanford-le-Hope Christmas Lights £9,000 Towards the purchase of Christmas lights and improved infrastructure in Stanford-le-Hope.
Purfleet Community Forum £6,706.80 Towards the restoration of the Beacon at Purfleet-on-Thames so that it can be used for community events around significant dates including the commemoration of the end of WW1.
WELCOM Community Forum £1,752 Towards the restoration of the Beacon at Coalhouse Fort so that it can be used for community events around significant dates including the commemoration of the end of WW1.

Successful bids 2017/18

Organisation Grant Purpose
Orsett Community Forum and Orsett Cricket Ground £57,900 Improved recreational facilities and expansion of the site including a green gym at Orsett Recreation Ground to encourage more physical activity.
Hillside Scout Group £39,188 Towards renovating the Scout Hall including roof, kitchen and disabled access to facilities.
Thurrock Mind £30,990 Towards a new dedicated and accessible resource supporting people with mental health needs to access well-being activities, groups and training.
Corringham, Fobbing and Homesteads Community Forum £24,688.80 Towards the purchase of Christmas lights and improved infrastructure at Corringham Town Centre.
Friends of Blackshots £18,000 Towards improved facilities at the King George V Playing Field, Blackshots including safer play.
Lightship Café £15,000 Improved facilities at Grays Beach Park including new play equipment and sand.
The Martial Academy £13,249.72 To purchase equipment for physical activity and exercise in a supported environment, especially for people with mobility difficulties.
Friends of Gobions Park £10,800 Towards improved signage and information at Gobions Park, East Tilbury to encourage people to use the park and to increase civic pride.
Blackshots Senior Citizens Bowling Club £6,000 Towards increased security and winter warmth to enable more social activities out of season for the wider community.
Corringham Primary Parent Teacher Association (PTA) £4,000 Towards a new wildlife area and pond at Corringham Primary School to benefits pupils and the wider community.

Successful bids 2016/17

Organisation Grant Purpose
Belhus Park Scout Group £25,400 To fully renovate the kitchen and the boys and girls toilets. Improve the environment for the users of the hall. Keeping children off the street and in a safe environment with healthy activities.
East Thurrock Community Association £21,420 Repair of the car park at a community venue to avoid falls and to relieve congestion at school times by allowing parents to use the car park facility.
The Frost Estate Community Association £126,000 Repair of roads to ensure a safer environment and increased community spirit and well-being amongst residents by working together to achieve this project.
Thurrock Harriers £706 Improved signage especially to enable safer parking for increased disabled parking.
United Services Bowls Club £7075 To encourage new members and improve the safety and ease of access for an ageing and disabled community so they can continue to exercise through sport.