Disabilities and sensory loss

Physical disabilities

A physical disability is any condition that permanently prevents normal body movement or control.

We offer advice and information in partnership with community groups and organisations, to help people with physical disabilities live independently and find the best services.

Buying your own care

You can buy your own care with a Personal Budget – a Direct Payment of cash given to you to purchase your own care services.

As a personal budget holder you will have access to an independent support service provided by Purple – an organisation run by and for disabled people and their supporters. If you agreed to a Direct Payment, Purple will contact you to discuss your support needs. A home visit can be arranged.

Support is given to anyone who is eligible for, or who is already using, a Personal Budget.

Paying for services

Our financial and benefits advisers will first carry out a financial assessment to see if you should get more benefits than you are getting. Any income you may earn will not be taken into account.

Depending on the assessment result, you may have to contribute towards your care costs, or you could get the service free.

The advisers will also consider all disability-related expenditure.