Disabilities and sensory loss

Registering your sight or hearing loss

Many people with full or partial loss of sight or hearing choose to register their sensory impairment.

Deaf customers can get British Sign Language (BSL) support online and at our Civic Offices.


The ophthalmologist or audiologist at your hospital will issue a certificate of visual impairment (CVI) or an audiogram if they decide your sensory loss is significant, and we will then contact you to explain the benefits of joining our register. This will tell us the level of your sight or hearing loss. We will then contact you to discuss the benefits of registering your sight or hearing loss.

The register is confidential, so your details won't be shared.

It's up to you whether or not to register. Even if you choose not to register, it won't stop you getting the help you need from us. To be registered, the ophthalmologist at your hospital first needs to certify your sight loss and issue a certificate of visual impairment (CVI).

Advantages of registering

There are some very significant advantages to getting registered.

Firstly, it enables you to claim a wide range of concessions. Depending on your needs, these can include:

  • a half-price TV Licence
  • help with NHS costs
  • help with your council tax bill
  • help with tax allowances
  • leisure discounts
  • free public transport

Although being registered does not automatically entitle you to any particular welfare benefits, it does often make it easier for you to claim some of them. Your registration confirms your sensory loss and helps as evidence in your claim.

We will give you a registration card that proves your registration status. Having this can help to prove your entitlement to concessions, including when you're visiting places of interest. Your card might also be useful when you're out and trying to get assistance, particularly if your sensory loss is not obvious to other people.

Get on the register

Contact us if you believe you are eligible and are not currently registered, but would like to be.

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