Disabled children and their families

Health needs

Health is important for your child to make them feel comfortable and enjoy a better quality of life. Although life can be hectic, make sure as a parent you keep yourself healthy.

Your child's health

If you are worried there are further underlying health problems contact your doctor or health visitor. With the right health care your child can have an improved quality of life, with greater independence and a better chance to succeed in the future.

Good health is an important factor in all of our lives. We are all encouraged to eat a healthy, balanced diet, get plenty of exercise, enjoy a good night’s sleep and to not smoke.

Having a child with a disability means your child may have completely different health needs. For example, they may need certain foods included in their diet or even have to avoid certain foods. They may also need specialist health care, and as a parent it can be difficult to know how and where to access this kind of information. You can get information from your child’s school, children’s centre, health visitor, or doctor or nurse at your local GP surgery.

Our Team for Disabled Children specialises helping children aged 0 to 18 years-old. They provide packages of care that include short breaks, domiciliary care, advice and guidance. As a parent it’s good to feel reassured that there is help out there for you. Once your child starts getting more specialised care you will probably notice a big improvement in day-to-day tasks, and they will be happier in themselves.

Your health

Remember that you need to take care of yourself too. Grab the chance to rest, eat a healthy diet and take regular exercise.

Short breaks may be available, letting you to have a few hours or days off. The Sunshine Centre, charities and other organisations have support groups where you can talk to other parents in the same position as you. It can be good to talk about how you feel.

If you don’t want to join an organisation, make sure you tell someone if you have any concerns - don’t suffer in silence.