Disabled children and their families

Short breaks

Short breaks are for children and young people with disabilities, aged up to 18 years-old, and their families in Thurrock.

Short breaks:

  • are needed because there is an impact on every day life if a child has a disability - the impact is unique for each child and their family
  • offer a wide range of opportunities, activities and support so families have choices
  • offer children, young people and their families a wide range opportunities, activities and support
  • are a part of everything else in the lives of children and young people with disabilities and their families
  • can be anything from a couple of hours to overnight stays
  • offer children and young people with disabilities the chance to have fun and take part in enjoyable experiences that contribute to their personal and social development away from their parents
  • help children and young people with disabilities develop new interests and take part in different activities
  • give opportunities for children and young people to have something to do, especially at weekends and during the school holidays - they can see their friends and make new friends
  • let parents and families have a break from their caring responsibilities
  • help families catch up with everyday activities such as sleep, cleaning, shopping as well

Short breaks duty statement

Our 'short breaks duty statement' was developed with local parents to help families of disabled children and young people, and the professionals involved in their lives, know more about the short break available in Thurrock.