Education awards

How the award winners are chosen

The process of selecting award winners has 2 stages.


Shortlisting takes place from Wednesday 16 October to Friday 18 October 2019.

Each award category will be shortlisted by 2 senior officers from Thurrock Council with expertise in the award's area. Each nomination is scored against set criteria. The 4 highest scoring nominations in each category will be submitted for final judging.

Multiple nominations are judged individually. If selected, the highest scoring nomination will be selected for final judging. At the final judging stage, judges will be made aware that multiple nominations were received.

Final judging

Final judging takes place on Friday 8 November 2019.

A panel of judges made up of sponsors and senior officers from Thurrock Council will come together in groups that will be decided in advance. They will discuss in-depth each shortlisted nomination and agree a new score for each one. Judges will not know the identities of those who are nominated, and efforts are made to avoid conflicts of interest.

Each award category is judged by 2 sponsors and 1 council officer. The winner of each category is decided on the day.