Freedom of information requests

Information we do not provide

We often receive requests for information we cannot provide, or that is already available online. Please read the advice below before asking for any of these types of information.

School information

A lot of information about schools is only held by the schools themselves. This includes schools' policies, procedures, processes and some pupil statistics. You must contact the schools directly if you would like to ask for this information as we cannot provide it.

For contact details of all schools and colleges in Thurrock, go to schools and colleges.


If you have an enquiry about licensing you should check our online register of licenses before requesting the details. As this information is already available publicly it is not covered by the Freedom of Information Act and will not be provided on request.

Go to licensing – simple search.

Information about another person, including council employees

Under data protection law we are unable to provide personal information about anyone other than the person making the request. This includes the names and contact details of council employees below the level of Assistant Director.

For information on the council's senior managers and organisation structure, go to chief executive, directors and services.

Business rates credit data and premises data

Requests for business rates (non-domestic rates) credit data will be refused under the Section 31 (Law Enforcement) exemption of the Freedom of Information Act. We believe:

  • releasing the names of companies or individuals that have a credit on their account, as well as the amounts of credit, would risk fraudulent or criminal activity
  • there is no wider public interest in the credit balances other than for those who are a due a credit

We contact individuals and companies that are due a credit, and make every effort to refund the credit to its rightful owner.

Go to business rates premises data for information we publish regularly. As this information is available publicly it will not be provided on request.

Business contracts

We publish quarterly lists of:

  • contracts that were out to tender
  • all current contracts

As this information is already available publicly it will not be provided on request.

Go to our current contracts page for details. You can also check our new contract opportunities.

Public funerals and people who have died with no next of kin

Information on public funerals, or funerals for people who have died with no known family members, is already available publicly and will not be provided on request.

Go to our contract funerals page for details.