Help to have a healthy weight

Children and obesity

Childhood obesity is a serious problem. Being overweight in childhood could lead to illness later in life so it is important to take care at an early stage.

Thurrock is an area where childhood obesity is increasing.

Some of the reasons for this increase in children’s weight are lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. Beating obesity has a number of health benefits for families, and it is important that the whole family supports the child.

Help from the NHS

The NHS Change4Life team runs a series of family activities that can help:

  • increase your family physical activity
  • plan a healthy diet
  • prepare healthy foods

Activities can start from birth with breastfeeding support. The team offers advice to people up to the age of 19.

The NHS National Child Measurement Programme weighs and measures all children at school. You may be invited to use the Change4Life service if the programme finds your child could benefit.

Go to the NHS Change4Life website for tips on healthy eating, recipes and fun ways to exercise.