Help to improve your private housing

£150 energy bill rebate for council tax bands A to D

The government is providing a £150 one-off energy bills rebate for households in bands A to D, registered for council tax at 1 April 2022, except where the property is empty or a second home. For information on when and how you will receive the rebate, go to £150 energy bill rebate. To download the government's leaflet, go to your council tax bill explained.

Energy company obligation

Some householders in privately-rented or owner-occupied properties, who are on benefits or low incomes, may qualify for home insulation and heating improvements through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.

ECO is a government energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty. The scheme is administered by OFGEM (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets). For details, go to OFGEM: Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

Flexible eligibility application for Thurrock

We are working to get ECO flexible funding for improving energy efficiency in the homes of Thurrock residents. Funding would cover:

  • energy-efficient heating, such as electric storage heaters
  • cavity wall insulation
  • loft insulation

Our flexibility eligibility statements of intent and eco flex declarations are published below.

ECO contract works

The Energy Company Obligation 2018-22 (ECO3) scheme is led by the government and administered by OFGEM. It is not administered directly by Thurrock Council.

This means that whilst private residents and landlords can apply to have energy efficiency measures installed in their homes, we will not be involved in issuing tenders, awarding contracts, or inspecting and signing-off completed works and installations.

If you are interested in energy efficiency measures through ECO, you should contact one of the obligated energy suppliers operating in this area. Go to OFGEM: ECO installers and industry.