In-year admissions

Applying in-year

If you want to apply for a primary or secondary school place outside of the usual times you must make an in-year admission application.

Apply for in-year admission if:

  • you have moved within Thurrock and would like a more local school
  • you have just moved into Thurrock
  • you live in Thurrock and wish to move from home education to school education
  • you live in Thurrock and wish to move from a fee-paying school to a state funded school

You can apply online by using our school admissions applications service, below. For some schools, you will also have to send a completed form direct to the school itself.

Apply online or return to your application

Following an update to our online service on 16 July 2020, you will need to create a new login account when you first apply for a school admission after this date.

To create a new account, use the link below and select 'create an account'. Your login accounts for other Thurrock Council services are not affected.

School admissions applications

Additional forms for individual schools

If you wish to apply in-year for a place at any of The Gateway Learning Community schools, you must apply direct to the school as well as completing our in-year admissions form.

The Gateway Learning Community schools are:

If you wish to apply in-year for a place at Grays Convent High School, you must complete the Grays Convent High School supplementary information form and return it to the school, as well as completing our in-year admissions form.

Home address

We normally process applications on the basis of the child's home address at the time of application and offer. You can find your street in our list of school catchment areas.

The home address is the address where the child is a permanent resident, or where the child is ordinarily resident. This is usually the address of the parent, or carer with parental responsibility. The adult with whom the child is ordinarily resident would receive Child Benefit for the child.

We measure distance using a specialist computer programme called 'Datamap'. This gives accurate walking distances from the gate of your home to the nearest entrance gate of your child's school. We do not consider distances measured in any other way.

You can use Datamap below to measure the shortest safe walking distance from your home to schools within Thurrock.

Datamap – home to school distance measurement