Primary school admissions

Applying for a primary school place

The application closing date for admissions in September 2023 was 15 January 2023.

Applications received after the closing date are treated as late applications. This means there will be far less chance of your child being offered a place at the school you want.

Our admissions timetable shows you when to apply, and when you can find out your offer. More information on the application process is given in our school admissions brochure. Our page of download documents and forms also includes supplemental forms for religious schools.

Apply online or return to your application

By applying online you will:

  • get an email acknowledgement of your application
  • be able to check which school place has been offered from 17 April 2023

To create a login account for school admissions, use the link below and select 'create an account'. Your login accounts for other Thurrock Council services are not affected.

School admissions applications

Harrier Primary Academy

Harrier Primary Academy is a new primary school opening in Aveley from September 2023. If you would like Harrier Primary Academy to be one of your preferences as a school for your child from September 2023, you must:

  • apply to Harrier Primary Academy through the school’s website – Harrier Primary Academy: apply
  • apply for your other school preferences using our school admissions applications form

You should not include Harrier Primary Academy as one of your preferences on our admissions form. We strongly recommend you use our admissions form to name up to 4 other preferences, even if you’ve applied direct to Harrier Primary Academy. If you receive an offer of a place at both Harrier Primary Academy and one of your other preferences, it will be for you to decide which offer to accept.

Home address

We normally process applications on the basis of the child's home address at the time of application and offer.

The home address is the address where the child is a permanent resident, or where the child is ordinarily resident. This is usually the address of the parent, or carer with parental responsibility. The adult with whom the child is ordinarily resident would receive Child Benefit for the child.

You can find your street in our list of school catchment areas – go to download documents and forms.

Late applications

Any application received after the closing date will be treated as a late application. We process late applications only after we have processed all the on-time applications. This means there will be far less chance of your child being offered a place at the school you want.

If you have already applied online you will not be able to make another application. Contact us if you feel you need to make another application, or to send evidence that your application was late due to exceptional circumstances.