Land of the Fanns

Landscape Partnership

The Land of the Fanns Landscape Partnership is made up of:

The partnership works to:

  • improve, protect and enhance the natural and historic landscape within the area
  • engage people to enjoy and celebrate its special character

Landscape Partnership vision

The surviving London fanns on the edge of East London – a landscape of fens, forest and farms, rich in geological, natural and cultural heritage and continually evolving since the last Ice Age – will be positively managed and understood as the last remaining landscape of London as it once was.

Drawing on the area's past as a unified, working landscape underpinning London's growth, the Land of the Fanns will spark a rediscovering of this landscape drawing on the pride local communities instinctively feel about this misunderstood area. This is not only about undertaking restoration and access improvements that reconnect the landscape, it is also about equipping people with better knowledge and understanding to shape the strategic decision making that continues to fragment the landscape.

The landscape is a dynamic one that will continue to change – a broad partnership understanding of the Land of the Fanns will not only enable that change to be more positive, it will also develop its profile as one of the nation's most fascinating landscapes, intimately connected with one of the most famous and celebrated cities in the world.

The 'Land of the Fanns' will become recognised as a connected and cohesive landscape where its heritage is loved and understood by its people.