Land of the Fanns


The Landscape Partnership agreed 6 objectives in 2014:

1. Restoration and connection

To work in partnership to restore, conserve and connect the woods, fens, farmland, unique biodiversity, heritage and cultural assets of our landscape and utilise these to support local distinctiveness and pride that reduces further negative impacts.

2. Access

To improve physical and intellectual access to the landscape for local communities and visitors – in a way that encourages people to visit, respect and appreciate its natural and built assets – through targeted physical interventions and improved co-ordination of visitor destinations.

3. Information

To create outlets for local knowledge that reveals the exciting and unique stories of the landscape through inclusive methods that enthuses local people and visitors, guides decision-making and celebrates the area.

4. Experience by taking part

To encourage people to experience the Land of the Fanns and learn about its rich physical, natural and cultural heritage by actively taking part in conservation projects, research and interpretation activities, cultural activities, events, volunteering and learning that also improves the prospects and skills of local people.

5. Enjoyment of the landscape

To develop the 'Land of the Fanns' into a place where local people and visitors can better enjoy the landscape through better co-ordination and commercial thinking of partnership organisations providing tourism and related services.

6. Partnership working

To build excellent partnership working between the key players who can make the Vision happen – the public sector, private business and the community.