Linford Household Waste and Recycling Centre (the tip)

Before you go to the tip

The Household Waste and Recycling Centre is in Buckingham Hill Road, Linford, SS17 0PP.

You can only enter the site by travelling north on Buckingham Hill Road from Linford. No right-turn is permitted for vehicles travelling south on Buckingham Hill Road from the A13.

You must bring proof of address, such as a recent council tax bill, utility bill or permit to access the site, as you will be asked to prove you're a Thurrock resident – the tip is then free to use.

Trade waste is not accepted and will be challenged – you may be asked to complete a form confirming your items are household-only.

Safety at the site

To protect site users and staff:

  • you must wait at the stop sign until you are told it's safe to proceed
  • staff will show you where to park
  • you must park with your vehicle facing forwards
  • only 1 person will be allowed on each walkway or set of steps to access containers

Vans and vehicles with trailers

Residents who wish to dispose of their household waste using a van or a vehicle with a trailer must have a valid permit to access the site.

From 1 June 2023, you will not be allowed into the site at any time if your vehicle weighs more than 3.5 tonnes or is either a:

  • Ford Transit
  • Luton van
  • heavy goods vehicle (HGV)
  • flatbed lorry
  • tipper van
  • minibus
  • vehicle similar in size to any of the above

If you have any other kind of small van or a single-wheel axle trailer less than 1.8m (about 6ft), you must apply for a new permit allowing up to 6 visits each year if you wish to use the site after 31 May 2023. You can apply for your new permit from 15 May 2023.

Vehicles with trailers are only allowed to enter the site on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Vehicles without trailers are also allowed to enter on these days.

Hire vehicles will be allowed on site no more than twice a year per address. Hire vans no larger than a Ford Transit short wheelbase are allowed, but only with a valid permit and proof of hire.

There is a height barrier of 1.8 metres (6 feet) at the entrance, with a separate traffic lane for van users who have a permit.

You will be refused entry and reported if you park a van outside the site and try to carry waste in.

Opening dates and times

The site is open from Monday to Sunday, 8am to 4pm, all year round except as listed below.

Entrance gates will be closed 15 minutes before the site closing time to allow time for residents to unload their vehicles.

The site will be closed or have limited opening hours on the following days:

  • Good Friday – closed
  • Easter Sunday – closed
  • Christmas Eve – open 8am to 1pm
  • Christmas Day – closed
  • Boxing Day – closed
  • New Year’s Eve – closed
  • New Year’s Day – closed
  • New Year’s Day bank holiday – closed

The site is open at its usual hours during all other bank holidays, including the Saturday and Monday of Easter Weekend.

What is and isn't accepted

Before going to the site, check what you can and can't take to the tip.

For more advice on how to dispose of unwanted items, go to our A to Z of waste and recycling.