New Local Plan for Thurrock

Community planning days (design charrettes)

Between 2019 and 2022 we held design workshops in towns and villages across Thurrock so local people could be involved in planning their community's future.

These workshops – called 'design charrettes' – included residents and other local stakeholders such as landowners, community groups and infrastructure providers. Members of the public were welcome to drop-in and take part.

Together we talked in detail about what was important for each local community and what 'good growth' might look like. We covered a range of topics, including transport, health, green spaces and schools.

Design charrette workshops were undertaken with The Prince's Foundation – now called The King's Foundation – at the following towns and villages:

These locations were chosen because a lot of land is being promoted for development within each area as part of the Local Plan process. We wanted a better understanding of the issues and opportunities that might arise from more development in these areas.

Before the workshops we invited communities to fill-in an online survey covering topics like the need for housing, access to jobs, open spaces and ease of movement. After, we held community events so local people could share their thoughts on high-level sketches produced at each workshop.

The findings from this process, including the high-level sketches, are a record of what was discussed. We will used these findings as we prepare the next stage of the new Local Plan.