New Local Plan for Thurrock

Thurrock Local Plan

All local planning authorities must prepare a Local Plan that sets out a planning framework for their area. It includes how much development should be permitted and how it should be distributed around the borough. By law, it must be used when deciding future planning applications.

The GOV.UK: National Planning Policy Framework says Local Plans must be reviewed at least every 5 years to check policies and update them if necessary.

Your say

From 18 December 2023 to 19 February 2024 we carried out public consultations on the following 3 documents.

We have prepared a Local Plan Initial Proposals document that sets out how we think the borough could grow and what we think the new Local Plan should look like. Documents that helped us prepare the proposals are in our evidence to support the Local Plan.

For more about this consultation, go to Have my say: Local Plan Initial Proposals.

We have carried out an integrated impact assessment (IIA) on the Local Plan Initial Proposals – further details are on our sustainability appraisals page.

For more about this consultation, go to Have my say: Local Plan Initial Proposals IIA.

We have also produced a draft Thurrock Design Charter. It is the first step towards a Design Code setting out design requirements and quality standards for all new development. Have your say below.

For more about this consultation, go to Have my say: Thurrock Design Charter.

Between 20 January and 12 February 2024 we held 'Your Place, Your Voice' drop-in events at towns and villages across the borough, where our team answered questions about the proposals.

If you would like to be kept informed about the progress of the Local Plan and other policy documents, you should register to join our Local Plan consultation database. Find out other ways you can get involved in the Local Plan.

Updating our policies

The Local Plan Initial Proposals is the latest stage in reviewing and updating our existing policies and guidance that are more than 5 years-old. The new Local Plan for Thurrock will include policies on things like affordable housing, open spaces and town centres. It will also set out:

  • policies for specific areas
  • sites that could be developed for new uses
  • sites that could be protected so their existing uses can continue

Policies within the current development plan will continue to be used in decision-making until the new Local Plan for Thurrock is adopted. As work on the new Local Plan progresses, emerging policies could start to influence decisions on planning applications.

Local Plan timetable

The timetable for producing the new Local Plan and other planning policy documents is set out in our Local Development Scheme.