New Local Plan for Thurrock

Sustainability appraisals

Sustainability appraisals look at the economic, social and environmental impact of plans. These appraisals are an essential part of making a good Local Plan. There is more risk of a plan being challenged on legal grounds if we do not carry out a proper sustainability appraisal.

The sustainability appraisal for Thurrock's new Local Plan includes:

  • a health impact assessment
  • an equalities impact assessment
  • a habitats screening assessment

Scoping report

The first stage in a Local Plan sustainability process is the preparation of a 'scoping report'. This sets out:

  • the context in which the plan is being prepared
  • our sustainability objectives
  • how we will carry out the assessment
  • the relevant environmental, economic and social issues

Past consultation

Our consultation on the document below ended on 11 April 2016. We are reviewing comments received and will publish a final Sustainability Appraisal scoping report in September 2016.