Noise nuisance

Noise from construction works

We can serve a notice on people carrying out construction or demolition works and tell them how the work should be carried out to avoid a potential statutory noise nuisance.

The notice can specify:

  • the maximum noise level allowed
  • the types of plant or machinery that can be used
  • the hours when work can be done
  • steps that need to be taken to minimise noise

Those failing to comply with the notice can be prosecuted and fined an unlimited amount, with further fines for each day that they fail to comply.

Consent for construction work

People can apply for consent to carry out construction work. The application must describe:

  • the works
  • how the work will be carried out
  • what steps will be taken to minimise noise resulting from the works

We will only give consent for the work to go ahead if we are satisfied that:

  • the application contains enough information
  • we won’t need to serve a notice to control noise on the construction site

Reporting noise from a construction site

If you have a problem with noise from a construction site, you can report a noise nuisance.