Rent a council garage

Using your garage or garage plot

Garages are let out for the use of vehicles or personal storage use only.

You must not conduct trade or business from a council garage or garage plot – this is stated in your tenancy agreement.

We do not guarantee the condition of our garages. If you store any goods within a council-owned garage, you do so entirely at your own risk. We do not not accept any liability for loss or damage.

We recommend you buy contents insurance for any stored items. You may install additional locks at your own expense.

You must not:

  • store flammable materials, gas cylinders or chemicals
  • set up a supply for heat, power, light or energy without consent in writing
  • let anyone else use your garage
  • make any structural alterations to the garage

If you do not comply with the terms and conditions, we may end your rent agreement.

Repairs and maintenance

If your garage needs repair during your tenancy, you can report it by phone or email.

Garage repairs

: 0800 074 0169


Alternative email: