Short term support at home

Support you can receive

You can get help with the following.

Financial problems

This includes:

  • budgeting and debt problems for example, rent or mortgage arrears
  • claiming benefits
  • setting up repayment plans

Setting up and maintaining a home

This includes:

  • when you may be facing homelessness
  • finding new accommodation
  • setting up a home for example, support to obtain furniture, connection to utilities such as gas and electricity services
  • arranging for repairs to be carried out
  • security of the home – security checks, checking appliances and similar
  • arranging adaptations for people with disabilities
  • resolving neighbour complaints

Life skills

This includes:

  • getting access to employment, training and volunteering
  • advice on using domestic appliances
  • teaching life skills such as food preparation and storage, travel training and similar

Contacting community groups and organisations

This includes:

  • Citizens Advice Bureau, welfare rights, advocacy services and other community groups
  • Social Care, Job Centre and similar
  • leisure, employment or education purposes
  • helping you access other services


This includes:

  • emotional support and advice
  • supervising health and well-being