Street and property names or numbers

New streets or properties

When you are planning a new street or property development, you should contact us at an early stage to ask about names and numbers. We offer pre-application advice before you apply for an official address.

You should read our policy on the naming and numbering of streets and highway assets before contacting us.

Applying for to name a property, street or area

Use the form below to apply for:

  • names or numbering of one or more new property
  • names of one or more new street
  • a change to a property name
  • a change to a property number
  • a change to the name of a street or area

The form will tell you what documents you need to provide, depending on the type of application you wish to make.

Street naming and numbering application

Before responding to your application, we will:

  • check whether it complies with our policy for naming and numbering
  • consult Royal Mail to ask whether they have any objections