Street and property names or numbers

Property names

Any property owner can name their property, as long as the name chosen doesn't conflict with an existing property name in their local area.

If your property has a house number, you cannot replace the number with a name but you can use a name as well as the original number.

You should read our policy below before applying for a property name.

You can use the form below to apply for a new property name or to change a property name.

Street naming and numbering application

When we receive your application, we will ask Royal Mail whether they have any objections, such as the name being the same or similar to another in the area.

If Royal Mail does not object, we will contact you and any other interested parties. If the Royal Mail does object, we will ask you to provide alternative names.

Changing a business name

If you're changing the name of your business but not changing the name or number of the property where it trades, you don't have to complete the form above.

You can tell Royal Mail direct by going to Royal Mail: report an incorrect or missing address.