Street and property names or numbers

Street nameplates

Street nameplates show the name of a street or road.

We are responsible for making sure street nameplates are provided and fitted in suitable positions. They are normally be fitted by the footpath, immediately in front of the back edging kerb.

We are also responsible for the repair and maintenance of street nameplates, when necessary due to accidental damage, vandalism or normal wear and tear.

For new developments, the developer is responsible for providing street nameplates.

New streets and developments

When a new street is built, the developer is responsible for providing and maintaining its nameplate until we – as the local highway authority – adopt the road.

Developers must obtain our prior agreement for locations and numbers of nameplates, which should be manufactured to our specification.

When we adopt the road, we become responsible for the nameplates.

Damaged or missing street nameplates

If a street nameplate is damaged or missing, you can report it to us as a highway problem.

You don't need an account, simply zoom-in on the outline of Thurrock and – if the problem hasn't been reported already – make a new report by using the map to show where the problem is. Tell us as much as you can about the problem to help us investigate. You can check back later for progress updates.

Report a highway problem

Applying for a name or number

You can apply for:

  • new street and property names or numbers
  • changes to existing street and property names or numbers

For more information, go to:

Fees and charges apply. We are not responsible for issuing new postcodes.