Thurrock facts and statistics

Voting and democracy

Thurrock is made up of 20 electoral wards.

There are 49 councillors. Residents elect either 2 or 3 councillors per ward to represent them, depending on the size of population in their ward. Councillors are elected to serve for 4 years, after which a new election must be held.

Thurrock holds elections in 3 out of every 4 years, with a third of all councillors being elected or re-elected during an election year. There are no elections during the fourth year – this is called a 'fallow year'.

We publish information about previous and upcoming elections, including how to stand as a candidate.

The Electoral Commission is the independent elections watchdog and regulator of party and election finance. They provide information about the voting process.

Voter turnout for general elections – Thurrock constituency

Year Voter turnout as a percentage of the eligible electorate Total turnout
2017 64.5% 50,422
2015 64.1% 49,690
2010 59.1% 45,692
2005 54.0% 43,692

Voter turnout for local elections

Year Voter turnout as a percentage of the eligible electorate
2019 26.88%
2018 29.92%
2016 31.23%
2015 63.21%
2014 35.05%
2012 27.15%
2011 35.41%
2010 60.09%

The local elections took place at the same time as the general elections in 2015 and 2010.