Underage sales

Age restrictions

There are strict laws prohibiting the sale of certain items to young people. Traders and their staff can be prosecuted if they make an underage sale.

Prosecution may result in:

  • fines
  • loss of licence
  • imprisonment

Report underage sales

You can report suspected underage sales or adults who may be buying on behalf of those underage.

Report underage sales

Before making a report, use the table below to check current age restrictions in England.

Age restrictions in England

The following age restrictions apply.

Goods Age restriction in England
adult fireworks and sparklers – category F2 (outdoor use, confined areas) and category F3 (outdoor use, large open areas) fireworks 18 and over
Aerosol paint 16 and over
Alcohol 18 and over
Christmas crackers 12 and over
Crossbows 18 and over
Knives, axes or blades 18 and over
Lighter refills containing butane 18 and over
Lottery tickets and 'instant win' cards 18 and over
Nicotine inhaling products 18 and over
Party poppers and similar low-hazard low-noise fireworks (category F1), except Christmas crackers 16 and over
Petrol 16 and over
Solvents and volatile substances 18 and over – offence to supply or offer to supply to under 18s occurs only if the person knows or believes it is to be used for intoxication
Sunbeds 18 and over
Tobacco 18 and over
Vapes 18 and over
Video games – PEGI rating 3 unrestricted
Video games – PEGI rating 7 unrestricted
Video games – PEGI rating 12 12 and over
Video games – PEGI rating 16 16 and over
Video games – PEGI rating 18 18 and over