Volunteering with the council

When you start volunteering

We will need to check 2 references before you can start volunteering with us. We will also need to make a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check if the role is with children or vulnerable adults.

You must sign a volunteer agreement before you start volunteering with us. This is to confirm your volunteer status and agree your commitment to our standards. The volunteer agreement is not meant to be legally binding, and it doesn't imply that you are employed by us. Your volunteer manager will be able to discuss this with you.

The volunteer manager for your role will agree with you:

  • the activities that you are willing to get involved in – found in the role description
  • the time that you're able to commit

If you don't like your placement or change your mind then you should talk to your volunteer manager. They may be able to sort out any problems you have, or change your role to something more enjoyable.

We will give you, whenever possible, activities that are satisfying and interesting to you.

Your volunteer manager will give you an introduction to the department and tell you everything you need to know to fulfil your role. You may also be asked to attend induction training sessions.

We will offer you as much support as you need through the duration of your voluntary role. Your concerns, questions or comments about your role should be put to your volunteer manager, or to our Community Development team. Your volunteer manager can tell you about our full process for raising concerns.

We welcome feedback and contributions to how volunteers work within our organisation. You will be given regular opportunities to do this with your volunteer manager.