Adult care assessments

Needs assessments

A needs assessment is a conversation between you and one of our trained care workers.

We will try to find out:

  • what care and support needs you have
  • how these needs affect your well-being
  • how you would like things to be

Finding out these things will help us decide whether we can help.

If you want, you can have someone else with you to give you support while we to talk with you about your needs.

Depending on your needs, we may offer you help or we may give you information and advice on other local support that can help you.

If we are able to help you, we will agree a support plan for you, along with a Personal Budget that sets out how much your support plan will cost. To begin with, this will be a rough estimate of how much your support plan would cost each week. It may change as the plan progresses.

We will carry out a financial assessment as part of your needs assessment.

Read more about how we carry out an assessment.