Adult care assessments


Assessments look at the difficulties you have and how you would them to be better. They also show whether you can get help with costs.

If you feel you need our support for your care, you can ask us to carry out an assessment of your needs and finances.

Support in the community

Before you ask us for an assessment, you should think about getting help from community groups in your local area.

Support from community groups is often better for you because:

  • they may be able help immediately, whereas it can take weeks to get an assessment
  • their services may be free or subsidised, whereas our services usually have a charge

Our adult care and health web pages include many links to community groups and charities that provide care. You can also find out about help in the community from your local area coordinator.

Types of assessment

You should check who can get funded help from us before asking for an assessment.

There are 3 main types of assessment – these are: