Adult care assessments

Who can get funded help

Not everyone can get funded help from our social care services – before turning to us for support, you should think about getting help from community groups in your local area.

Our adult care and health web pages include many links to community groups and charities that provide care. You can also find out about help in the community from your local area coordinator.


As an adult, you can get help from us if:

  • you have a physical disability, mental health condition or illness
  • your disability, condition or illness stops you doing 2 or more of the daily tasks listed below
  • your well-being is seriously affected because you're unable to do daily tasks

Daily tasks can include:

  • making sure you eat well
  • keeping yourself clean
  • taking care of toilet needs
  • dressing in the clothes you need
  • doing things safely at home
  • keeping your home fit to live in
  • staying in touch with family and friends
  • taking part in work, training, education or volunteering
  • being able to use public transport and services in the community
  • caring for a child you may be responsible for

We say a disability, condition or illness stops you doing a daily task if:

  • you can't do it without help
  • you can do it without help but it causes a lot of pain, distress or anxiety
  • you can do it without help but it could put you in danger
  • you can do it without help but it takes much longer than it should for most people

To find out about eligibility for financial help, go to fairer charging – what you can afford.

Carers eligibility

When assessing a carer, we may look at the points above – for example, where an elderly couple needs support and one is a carer for the other. More usually, however, we look at whether:

  • they have support needs because they are a carer
  • there is a risk to their well-being
  • being a carer stops them doing other things like work, childcare and taking time out
  • their needs may affect whether they can continue as a carer