Adult care assessments

Carers assessments

A carer's assessment is a conversation with a person who looks after you – they could be your partner or a relative, or a professional carer.

We will try to find out how we can help them keep their quality of life while they look after you.

The assessment will look at how caring for affects their life – for example:

  • physical, mental and emotional needs
  • whether they will be able to carry on looking after you

All carers are entitled to an assessment.

It doesn't matter:

  • how much care they provide
  • what kind of care they provide
  • how often they provide care
  • what finances they have
  • whether they live with the person they care for

It also doesn't matter whether the person they care for:

If you both agree, we can carry out an assessment for you and your carer at the same time.

Carers that share caring responsibilities – including children under the age of 18 – can each have their own carer’s assessment.

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