After you make a planning application

Step 8 - a decision is reached

If the application is for minor work:

  • the case officer prepares a report on the application
  • the report is passed to senior officers to consider and agree the recommendation
  • neighbours who have written in are told the outcome

Our head of service for planning is allowed to determine planning permission on major schemes. This means that not all major applications go before the planning committee. Planning applications that officers feel would be likely to have a significant impact, or applications which are 'called in' by councillors are referred to the planning committee.

Planning committees are normally held every four weeks. The public is welcome to attend. In some cases, members of the public can speak on planning applications. The Planning committee agenda is published one week before the meeting.

You can appeal against a refusal or against any condition of approval. The law does not give a right of appeal to anyone else.