Blue Badge parking

Blue Badge "advice" warning

Some private websites charge a fee for advice and help with applications for a Blue Badge. These websites are not connected with us or the government, and do not guarantee a successful application. If you've been affected by a private website that has charged you a fee, you should report it to the Citizens Advice consumer service.

We advise residents simply to follow the advice and links here on our website.

Blue Badge use and misuse

We only give Blue Badges in the name of the person who is eligible – not their relatives or carers.

Proper use of a Blue Badge

You must show the Blue Badge:

  • on the dashboard
  • on the side with the wheelchair symbol and expiry date
  • with appropriate times on the clock

Always remove the Blue Badge when you are not using it.

Misuse of a Blue Badge

Misuse includes allowing other people to use it or continuing to use it when your disability improves.

If you misuse your Blue Badge we can take it away or fine you up to £1,000.