Challenging how council services are run

Evaluation stage

If within the 30 days of consideration we find we're able to progress your expression of interest, we will confirm how long a full evaluation will take. At this stage we'll explain the following:

  • why we need the amount of time we have suggested to review your proposals
  • who will be the point of contact for communications during the evaluation stage
  • how we will communicate with you and your organisation, to ask for additional information or verification of key parts of your expression of interest
  • how we will communicate our decision, and when we will provide feedback on our decision
  • we may choose to contact you and your organisation to request if you will accept certain modifications to the proposals in your expression of interest. We may feel that the modifications are necessary to your expression of interest to ensure it can be accepted

You are under no obligation to accept any modifications that we propose propose. If you do accept the modifications proposed, we may agree a further period in which you are able to make these modifications, and even at the end of this period you may still choose to withdraw your expression of interest. We may also agree a new date for our evaluation to give us time to make our decision.

You can find out more about how councils evaluate expressions of interest in the Community right to challenge: statutory guidance.